enemy combatant

Let’s have a discussion about “enemy combatants.”  “Police” would seem to fit this definition, when you become a person of interest.  First, there’s no authority for “police.”  No living person has signed any constitution, state or federal.  No legislature has any powers of attorney on file.  “In a Democracy power flows from the bottom up.”  David Gergen.  An election might identify a representative, but not settle whether we are going to have a representative gov’t, or vote on the internet; and how much power any representative will have.  So, on to the police.  They are in paramilitary dress, and armed.  There’s no legal authority for them derived from the people.  Their intentions are unknown to you.  Then, when you become a person of interest, your risk skyrockets.  Enemy combatant status fits.  Why isn’t the the enormous standing army of police, strikingly well armed, in cars nicer than yours or mine, a topic of discussion?


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